I Don’t Lift Weights Because I Don’t Want to get Big and Bulky!

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Simply lifting weights a couple of times per week will not/cannot make you big and bulky. Its not that simple. For the same reason everyone can’t be a marathon runner, not everyone can be a body builder.

A plethora of things need to happen in order for your body to build muscle. For starters understanding that there is a difference between training for strength and training to build muscle/bulk.
But the purpose of this discussion is to explain the difference, in order to promote strength training as a means to becoming healthier and leaner.

Building muscle is a very specific and regimented lifestyle that revolves entirely around being physically fit. But the most importantly factor to understand is that training for bulk is not about how heavy the weight is, but rather about how much time you spend lifting it. This is call “time under tension” (how long your set takes). Simply put, the heavier the weight, the less time you can spend under tension! For optimal muscle growth a set needs to take between 45-60 seconds. A typical person performing a slow and controlled set of 10 to 12 reps will take between 20-30 seconds! That’s the biggest difference between training for strength vs training for bulk.

What’s ironic is that the people who fear getting bigger from lifting weight tend to lower the weights and increase their reps (aka increasing your time under tension). Its also ironic (and unfortunate) that fitness magazines showing big and bulky people like to model the photo with big huge weights. When the reality is that those people in a real workout will cut that weight in half and go for time!

There are numerous benefits to incorporating a good strength training program into your life. Increased energy, strength and mobility. Reduces body fat, heart rate, cholesterol and insulin sensitivity. One should not fear getting stronger, they should fear getting weaker.

Like anything in life, the key is knowledge. If you do not know how to incorporate a strength and conditioning training program into your life there are literally thousands of book available on the subject. Or you can hire a certified personal trainer who can customize a health and fitness program for you based on you, your goals and your current lifestyle.

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